Faster and more capable -
SEAGLE is a Game Changer in the AFF world

SEAGLE is explicitly designed with one mission as objective: to tackle wild fires with maximum safety and operational efficiency. Developed in association with AFF experts, technicians, pilots and operators to address the challenge of current and future mega Wildfires. Using state of the art technology to deliver a capacity of 12 tons of water or retardant, with the needed performance, maneuverability and mission management system, the SEAGLE is a game changer for private and institutional operators both for fire airborne surveillance patrol and direct attack.

12 tons - Enhanced Scooping Capability

SEAGLE scooping capability offers the necessary operational autonomy. By increasing rough water capabilities, SEAGLE will significantly increase the availability of water supplies and reduce the transit times.

Fly by Wire –
Improved operational maneuverability

The Seagle is designed to offer the crew with the necessary performance, maneuverability and stability in the challenging environment over wildfires. Advanced avionics and mission systems are developed to support the pilots and operations crew. Whilst data collection and analytics are used to understand the operating conditions and adapt the design accordingly, the input from the people at the front line are the drivers to our motivation.

Mission Management System and wide visibility - Improved Situation Awareness and flight safety

SEAGLE is designed from a clean sheet of paper, with pilots and for pilots. State of the art glass cockpit, integrated mission management system and large visibility canopy will provide improved situation awareness thus meeting the operational requirement to operate with other aircraft in a demanding air space

Integrated Sensor Technology provides predictive maintenance capabilities and high readiness.

Since composite materials are gaining more and more applications in aerospace industry, Roadfour has chosen to design and build the SEAGLE as much as possible with this new material. It makes the aircraft lighter and the structure will offer high resistance to water and salt corrosion. In the same way, the landing gears are fully retractable in waterproof bays. The modular design of aircraft is preventing costly reparations in case of damage during operations.